Weed Control

3 Weed Control Package Options
(Based on 3000 Square Feet)

At Lawn Boys, we have designed three grass-care options for you, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best. If you’re unsure which weed control package will be best for your lawn, give us a call, and our staff will be happy to help.

1. Starter pack

Our Starter Pack is designed to quickly green up your lawn with a high nitrogen liquid fertilizer. Two applications of full coverage FIESTA™ for weed control will be applied within 21-30 days of each other to maximize the effectiveness of the product and greatly reduce or eliminate weeds.

On both visits we apply a full coverage of Fiesta® Weed Control, which generates a strong, deep green color in your grass. For this reason, we only do full coverage applications, so you aren’t left with green spots all over your lawn.

Priced from $195 (2 visits)

2.Essential Program

Our Essential Program is just that, the essentials that your lawn needs to grow thick, healthy and dark green all year long. In addition to the spring application of high nitrogen liquid fertilizer, we add a slow release granular fertilizer for the summer months. Two applications of Fiesta® Weed Control are also provided.

Priced from $275 (4 visits)

3. Complete Green

Our most complete program is custom-tailored to our Manitoba season. We apply premium fertilizers throughout the growing season and end it with a fall fertilizer. Our premium fertilizers will give your lawn a deep, luxurious dark green color.

We build upon the Essential Package and provide a fall granular fertilizer application, which gives your lawn a head start the next spring season. Your lawn will also receive 3 full coverage treatments of Fiesta® Weed Control. Because one of the active ingredients of Fiesta® is iron, it also gives grass a deeper green colour.

Priced from $325 (5 visits)